From The Founder of MYBREAD®

My story may be similar to many of yours. Celiac disease runs in my family. My Mom was diagnosed in the 1980’s before many gluten-free bread options were widely available. My Sister and I were diagnosed as teenagers.

As a family, we struggled to find gluten-free bread that we truly enjoyed eating. It was bland, dry, and crumbled in your hand. I really missed the soft, tasty, and aromatic bread that I could no longer eat. 

As a result, my Mom and I stumbled upon a new passion – baking our own gluten-free bread at home. Over the years, this passion turned into an obsession to create the best tasting, highest-quality, gluten-free breads possible. 

What started as Mother-Son bonding when I was younger, turned into a decision to found MYBREAD Gluten-Free Bakery in 2013. I wanted to bake gluten-free breads that are as safe as possible for those with celiac disease and other food allergies, but not compromise taste or quality. 

MYBREAD is a 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery located in Racine, WI. We differentiate ourselves by making all of our products vegan and free from dairy, eggs, nuts and soy. All of our products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group and Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. 

Since 2013, we’ve worked to advance our mission by expanding our product offerings, continuing to source the safest and highest quality ingredients possible, and improving and updating our bakery facility. 

I am proud to invite you to join us on this journey and “Make MYBREAD Your Bread®.”


Dan Gallagher
Founder & CEO


Make MYBREAD Your Bread®

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