Our gluten-free Soft Pretzel collection is a modern take on a classic snack, deeply rooted in tradition and now more versatile than ever. This expanded line-up includes not only our beloved Soft Pretzel Bites but also introduces the new Soft Pretzel Sticks and Soft Pretzel Slider Rolls. Crafted with the same dedication to quality and tradition, all our pretzel products are vegan and free from the top-8 allergens. Each variety, from the bite-sized morsels to the crave-able sticks and first-of-their-kind slider rolls, is immediately recognizable by its rich mahogany color, and the chewy interior that makes our pretzels a distinct and delicious choice. Using age-old pretzel-making techniques, we ensure every bite offers the unique taste that can only come from artisan craftsmanship. Enjoy the expanded world of gluten-free and allergen-free snacking with our soft pretzels, perfect for any occasion.

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